Well-built and well-maintained highways improve our quality of life. They give us access to health care, education, and employment and bring essential goods and services to market.

The Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association’s Driving Improvement program brings together private and public sector leaders in the transportation, infrastructure, construction and engineering industries, to help shape public policy.

We are committed to helping make life better for all road users, by offering solutions to improve the way Alberta plans, builds, and maintains our highway network.

We encourage you to learn more about what the ARCHA is proposing to address the challenges of planning, investing and building Alberta’s road infrastructure.

Key Policy Priorities

The Driving Improvement Advisory Panel has helped ARHCA identify three key priorities to modernize highway infrastructure planning, procurement, construction and maintenance.

Legislate a targeted reduction of highways in poor condition to ensure provincial highways are resilient and provide Albertans with improved service levels.

Develop a long-term vision and strategy for Alberta’s transportation infrastructure that recognizes constraints on municipal budgets, anticipates future demands, emerging technologies and safety, and allows for economic growth.

Create an agency responsible for road infrastructure management, transparent project selection and strategic procurement of road construction and maintenance services to achieve the best outcomes for taxpayers.

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