Roads and highways are critical public infrastructure that Albertans depend on daily – to access healthcare and education, facilitate employment, or deliver products and services to markets. We all have a responsibility to ensure Alberta’s road infrastructure is well-managed and delivers the greatest benefit to Albertans. The Alberta Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association is committed to raising awareness about much-needed improvements for #betterABroads.

We encourage you to learn about the challenges of Alberta’s current approach to managing and funding road infrastructure and share our solutions for #betterABroads with political parties their candidates.

This provincial election it is time to stand up and vote for #betterABroads.

Key Policy Priorities

The ARHCA has identified 3 key priorities for a modernized approach to road infrastructure governance and accountability. Our recommendations are based on the input of an expert Advisory Panel.

Legislate a targeted reduction of highways in poor condition by scaling up rehabilitation spending to a recommended 1-2% of asset value by 2023 to ensure provincial highways are resilient and provide Albertans with improved service levels.

Develop a long-term vision and strategy for Alberta’s transportation infrastructure to anticipate future demands, consider emerging technologies, address public safety, and facilitate the growth of our economy and our communities.

Create an independent agency responsible for road infrastructure management, transparent project selection and strategic procurement of road construction and maintenance services to achieve the best outcomes for taxpayers.

How to Get Involved

  1. Become informed by reading the ARHCA issue briefs and research road conditions in your community or region.
  2. Create awareness by sharing the website address and follow the @AB_Roadbuilders twitter account.
  3. Contact local businesses and groups to determine their concerns about road infrastructure.
  4. Meet your local candidates and hear their views on improving roads in the province.
  5. Inform others about the importance of investing in our roads.
  6. Vote for the candidate who is committed to #betterABroads

Election Day is Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Advance polls will be open April 9 -13, 2019.

For information on local candidates, political contributions, your electoral division and polling location visit the Elections Alberta website.