Thank you, Alberta, for your submissions to our inaugural “Nominate Alberta’s Worst Road” photo contest.

We received nominations from across the province ranging from gravel roads to major highways – with a wide range of concerns that speak to safety and access.

Top Photo

Facebook Contributor: Mary Nelson
Location: Highway 40 north and south of Grande Cache
Date: May 26, 2021

This last year has reminded us of how critical Alberta’s roads and highways are – not just to our economic prosperity, but to the health and safety of our communities.

Well-built and well-maintained transportation networks give us access to health care and education, create jobs and take us to work, as well as deliver essential products and services to markets.

We all have a responsibility to ensure our road infrastructure delivers these benefits to Albertans dependably – day in, day out. Drivers, workers, road users and governments (municipal and provincial) must try new approaches to keep infrastructure a high priority.

The Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) is committed to working with our partners on driving improvement in our province’s road network. #AlbertaFixOurRoads is focused on raising public awareness of much-needed improvements in our communities and in every corner of our province.

We encourage you to learn more how the ARCHA is addressing the challenges of planning, investing and building Alberta’s road infrastructure.

Key Policy Priorities

The ARHCA has identified 3 key priorities for a modernized approach to road infrastructure governance and accountability. These priorities were developed with input from an expert Advisory Panel.

Air travel restrictions mean that road use is going up. So is wear and tear. Legislate a targeted reduction of highways in poor condition by scaling up rehabilitation spending to a recommended 1-2% of asset value by 2023 to ensure provincial highways are resilient and provide Albertans with improved service levels.

The pandemic has constrained municipal budgets even further. Develop a long-term vision and strategy for Alberta’s transportation infrastructure that anticipates future demands, emerging technologies and safety, and allows for economic growth with a real understanding of our current economic challenges.

Modern investors demand to know the what and why behind infrastructure planning. Create an independent agency responsible for road infrastructure management, transparent project selection and strategic procurement of road construction and maintenance services to achieve the best outcomes for taxpayers.

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