The Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) is proud of the work our members do to build and maintain the roads and highways that Albertans depend on.

The ones in need of major repairs or replacement – and there are many – have fallen victim to a management philosophy that is outdated and shortsighted, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

People are looking to the road now more than ever. We need the road for a vibrant economy and quality of life. It needs to be there and in good shape now and for tomorrow.

ARHCA is committed to providing principled and compelling solutions to ensure Alberta’s road infrastructure supports these needs.

The input from the expert advisory panel we brought together a few years ago identified 27 recommendations to improve the management, funding and delivery of road infrastructure in Alberta. These recommendations are even more important today than they were before the pandemic and economic downturn.

They highlight the need to prioritize asset preservation, strategically plan for the future, and create new mechanisms to promote transparency in decision making.